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We have been designing, constructing and repairing concreting for businesses and homes for over 30 years

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Commercial Concrete Repair Specialist in Brisbane

If you have a problem relating to concrete construction anomalies, or concrete degradation, MCC can can advise an appropriate repair strategy or solution.


Years Experience

MCC Concreting not only fix your concreting problems but we are specialists in designing and constructing concreting for the following areas.

Underlying problems in a concrete structure are not always obvious, however; cracking, honeycombing and spalling, are relatively easy to spot.

The real concern is the underlying cause of the problem, these issues can include:

  • Inadequate waterproofing and protection of the concrete surfaces.
  • Incorrect concrete design.
  • Poor or inadequate steel design.
  • Incorrect concrete curing.
  • Cracking and deflection of the concrete structure.
Smiling construction workers in hardhats sitting on concrete at construction site, examining

SINCE 1988

Our goal then and now is to provide quality on time projects.

Through our simple aim of keeping our client’s needs first we are consistently ensuring that our work is done to the highest standard – while remaining economical, precise and professional.

Are you looking to build or repair your existing concrete